Wellbeing & Relaxation


A holiday at the Stella Maris allows you to re-charge both body and mind.

Discover the treatments that you can receive in our open air spaces.

We have put together a number of spaces in which you can take advantage of our relaxing beauty treatments, infused with the aroma of salt water and Mediterranean maquis.

Facial treatments

Hydramemory: for a hydrated, toned, radiant face.

This deep hydrating treatment for face, neck and neckline leaves your skin feeling silkier than ever before.

Aromatic Beauty Touch: for a radiant, toned face.

This aromatherapeutic, oxygenating treatment has a deep hydrating, relaxing effect, and makes the most of a fascinating technique inspired by the ancient Egyptians.

Active Pureness: to reinstate a radiant, even, smooth appearance.

This intense and delicate treatment cleanses your face deeply, with a rebalancing, normalising effect on the skin, which will feel fresh and firm.

Body treatments

Aromasoul scrub: for radiant, properly nourished skin.

A regenerating scrub that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch.

Nutritional: a firming treatment with a deep toning effect.

An enveloping sensory experience, this is an ideal treatment if you want to achieve smoother, more elastic skin. Suitable for dry, undernourished skin, and also for pregnant women.

Tranquillity ritual: for a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

A precious sensory synergy of delicate textures and aromacological fragrances combined with the power of massage for a uniquely relaxing experience.

Salt Massage: stimulates the metabolism and the circulation of the blood.

This exclusive treatment simply and effectively works on body and mind, leaving you with a profoundly relaxed feeling of wellbeing.

The Hotel Stella Maris has adopted a dynamic pricing system: the room prices will grow day by day based on the number of bookings for the period.
Therefore, do not waste time and book now your holiday, to ensure you the lowest price with the same quality.