Our Location

Welcome to Villasimius

The Hotel Stella Maris is located on the Bay of Campulongu, directly opposite one of the most beautiful beaches of Villasimius, a small, sea-facing town in the south-eastern corner of Sardinia.

The natural marine reserve of Villasimius, with its rich variety of sub-aqua flora and fauna, is the ideal place for diving and snorkelling – an idyllic oasis with a blue seabed, white beaches and evocative nooks and crannies in which to take the sun or go for a dip in the water.

The roots of Villasimius stretch back a very long way indeed: from the 7th century BC, the town saw peoples such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs and Spanish all come and go. For this reason, a holiday in Villasimius enables you to combine history, nature and culture; our staff will be delighted to help you hire a car or to organise a guided tour for you of the other astonishing beaches in the vicinity, including Notteri, Cala Giunco and Punta Molentis (just 5 minutes away), or of the incredible archaeological site of Barumini, a Nuragic complex dating from 1470 B.C. that is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be reached in less than two hours’ drive.

A mere 5 minutes’ drive from the Stella Maris will take you to the quaint town of Villasimius, where you can purchase local craft objects to take home, enjoy the evening shows with their traditional songs and dances, and relax in the fashionable cafés and restaurants, savouring the local cuisine accompanied by wines from across Sardinia.